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USA Today Bestselling Author C.T. Adams writing as

"EYES" copyright Rachel Davis/Zeibyasis

​I am trying something new.  It started with a gift to my Mom for her birthday.  She'd always wanted me to write a "nice little murder".  So I wrote her a mystery novella.  It was fun.  Enough fun that I dusted off some of the old ones from my files, polished them up, and will be publishing one per quarter for $2.99 and running an occasional special reducing the price (keep an eye out).  There will be an omnibus at the end of the year for Christmas.  Because a couple of those stories were originally going to go into PATIENCE MY ASS.  PATIENCE has been banished to the scrap heap for now.



Cover designs were by me.  Photo credits for artwork are as follows:

Painting of gun barrel by C.T. Adams; Photo of painting used in cover art by James Flanders copyright 2016 see

Photo "Still Life For Cie" used in cover art courtesy of Donald Clamp, copyright 2012.

Roses photo by C.T. Adams, copyright 2015, cover design by C.T. Adams.

Wolf Butt/Patience My ASS, copyright 2014 C.T. Adams, Cover design by C.T. Adams,
With special thanks to the Slaughter family
Here's it is -- The cover changed a bit, but the same photo appears -- a beautiful shot by the uber talented Donald Clalmp.  

The book has been uploaded for the $2.99 price that Amazon has recommended, mostly because I didn't know how to do it otherwise and I need the money.  BUY THIS NOVELLA AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AUTHOR.  LOL